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Unique design for improved factory efficiency.


Reduced labor due to automation system.


Complete turnkey cleaning plan.

Unique design adapted to the specific needs of the plant.


  • Food conveyors

  • roller conveyor

  • Turning table

  • Transfer conveyors

  • Depalletizer

  • Mounting station de boxes

  • Accessibility to equipment (KEY technology)

  • Accumulation skip

  • Balance

  • Bagging station

  • Factory scrap management

  • Dump dump

  • How many fruits can be pumped per hour?
    from 100,000 to 150,000 lbs per hour
  • How do you deal with scrap (waste)?
    Through a unique dry cleaning system that does not require a suitable trailer.
  • What type of pump do you use?
    Cornell 6 in
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