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These are the toughest loaders in our range.

Ready to take out a lot of wood, they require more space, but they are designed for large loads and more powerful tractors. We recommend it for tractors of around 50 HP and more.

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Maximum range of the arrow                                15 feets

Length of the trailer                                               10 feets


Rotation system                                                    Double hydraulic rack

Boom rotation angle                                             270°

Rotation of the grapple                                        Continue​

Additional information

Tires                                                                      12.5-15  12 ply

Winch position                                                      Integrated into the gate

Les options disponibles

Chargeuse FPI-168 10.jpg

Articulated drawbar

Facilitate your movements in the woods with the articulated drawbar option. Bends will no longer be a problem.

Grappin commandé au pouce

Avoir tout à la portée de la main! Notre option de grappin commandé au pouce est parfaite pour gagner en rapidité et en maniabilité!   


Winch with wireless controller

A tree too far? No problem with our remote controlled 10,000 pound hydraulic winch and

equip with steel cable, all trees will come to you easily!


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