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Here are our ATV loaders.

Specially designed to pass through more confined spaces. A tab allows the tapping tubes to be lifted gently without breaking them. They come with their own hydraulic unit and a 6.5hp engine allowing it to run just as well on the back of a small tractor or ATV.

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Maximum range of the arrow                                11 feets

Length of the trailer                                               8 feets

Opening the grapple                                             2" - 38"


Rotation system                                                    Hydraulic rack and pinion

Boom rotation angle                                             270°

Rotation of the grapple                                        Continue


Lifting capacity at full extension                           650 lbs

Engine                                                                  6.5HP with electric starter

Additional information

Tires                                                                      26/12-12   6 folds

Winch position                                                      Integrated in the arrow

Les options disponibles

Tendem hyd.jpg

Hydraulic Tandem

Optimize load position for better traction with our adjustable 18-inch axle with cylinder positioned in the frame


Thumb operated grapple

Do you like having everything at your fingertips? Our thumb-operated grapple option is perfect for you, you will gain in speed and maneuverability!   


Winch with wireless controller

A tree too far? No problem with our remote controlled 4000 pound hydraulic winch and

equip with synthetic cable, all trees will come to you easily! 


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