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Here are our 13 foot loaders.

Specially designed for small tractors. They are more manageable and made to pass in smaller paths. Unlike ATV loaders. They work on the hydraulic outlets of your tractor. We recommend them for tractors with a power between 20 and 50 HP.

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Maximum range of the arrow                                13 feets

Length of the trailer                                               9 feets

Opening the grapple                                             2" - 38"


Rotation system                                                    Hydraulic rack and pinion

Boom rotation angle                                             270°

Rotation of the grapple                                        Continue​

Additional information

Tires                                                                      11L 15  8 ply

Winch position                                                      Integrated in the arrow

Les options disponibles


Hydraulic Tandem

Optimize load position for better traction with our adjustable 18-inch axle

Grappin commandé au pouce

Avoir tout à la portée de la main! Notre option de grappin commandé au pouce est parfaite pour gagner en rapidité et en maniabilité!   


Winch with wireless controller

A tree too far? No problem with our remote controlled 6000 pound hydraulic winch and

equip with a synthetic cable. All trees will come to you easily!

Hydraulic unit

Your tractor does not have a hydraulic oil outlet, no problem, we offer an optional hydraulic unit of 13HP.



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