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The strength of Pro-Innov is found in its innovative team.

Composed of visionaries, inventors, engineers, designers, designers, specialists in mechanical and hydraulic assembly,  this team represents more than 25 years of expertise.


Creating tailor-made projects to meet specific needs is undoubtedly one of the primary objectives of creatingPro-Innov in 2015.


Rencontre d'élaboration du projet.png

Meeting & Development of the project

Depending on the scope of the project, Pro-Innov meets with the client to assess their needs and see to the development of the project. Following this meeting, a submission will be sent proposing the new innovative solution.


Demande du client.png

Your project request

The client contacts Pro-Innov and is looking for efficiency and/or a solution.  He is looking to design equipment that will allow his business to innovate.

Contact can be made either by email at

info@pro-innov.comor by phone at819 362-6048.


Design 3D.png

3D design

After approval of the submission, the project goes to the engineering department for its design and is handled by the project manager.


Approbation des plans.png

Plan approval

A meeting is scheduled with the client and the designers to ensure the accuracy of the plans and design of the project.


Manufacturing & Installation

Once the plan has been approved, the project is in the hands of our production department, in collaboration with the hydraulic department if necessary, which ensures the manufacture and/or installation.

Fabrication et installation.png




According to the project schedule, the project is delivered and the client is satisfied.

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