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Mechanical Net Applicator


Designed to protect plants from birds and predators.

Possibility of a double unwinder and winder to make 2 rows at a time.


  • Simple, fast and efficient application

  • 1,000 foot winding capacity

  • Variable speed hydraulic winding that makes work easier

  • Rollers available in aluminum

  • Simple and efficient organization of storage for rolls at the end of the season (Roll holder)

  • Requires only 3 installers (labor)

  • Adjustable net deployment width

  • Remote control option

  • How many fruits can be pumped per hour?
    from 100,000 to 150,000 lbs per hour
  • How do you deal with scrap (waste)?
    Through a unique dry cleaning system that does not require a suitable trailer.
  • What type of pump do you use?
    Cornell 6 in
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