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Sand Spreader Panel

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  • Suitable for trailer or 10-wheel truck;

  • Width between rods determined as needed;

  • Custom dimensions according to your truck or trailer.


The sand panel allows you to sand over a larger width and cover more surface. In addition, the spreading of sand is more efficient thanks to our "sun" system with its own cleaning system

Advantages and features

  • Allows sanding over a width of 10 ft;

  • Simple installation, as with a standard panel;

  • More efficient sand spreading thanks to the
    “sun” with its own cleaning system;

  • Shredder to loosen the sand.

Options available:

  • Suitable for a trailer or a 10-wheel truck;

  • System on wheels (operated by the wheels of the truck);

  • Hydraulic motor for motorization of the sun;

  • Webasto for heating sun.

  • How many fruits can be pumped per hour?
    from 100,000 to 150,000 lbs per hour
  • How do you deal with scrap (waste)?
    Through a unique dry cleaning system that does not require a suitable trailer.
  • What type of pump do you use?
    Cornell 6 in
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